First appearance March 19 2013

ACL Canon Character



Arguably, the most hated villian in ACL's history. The most slappable face in the Gotham Area. The authorities and the bad girls and guys despise him.

Kimo Fook Male US Citizen Hawaiian/Chinese ancestry Father: Lee Ho Fook Mother: Chien Na Wei aka China White Half-sister: Jane Chien/Chien Na Wei II

Associations: MIT, Assit. Professor of Advance Computer Science; former member of The Society

Current: His brain pattern having been preserved within the Holt Quantum Computer [HQC] files, Fook has be resurrected by the HQC as a multi-organism of nanites.

Powers: Gifted IQ; Earth’s premiere ‘Hacker’; Cyborgnetic implanted CPU vertabrae and cyborg-dred ‘string hyper-computers’ render him a walking computer network; instant data-retrieval with a surveilance capacity rivaling the National Security Agency. [Cyborgnetics installed by The Society.]

Fook version 2.0 has the power to mentally rearranged his body into myriad shapes composed of his total body surface area down to one nanite thick. While this is a useful skill, it is hard on his system,, akin to a computer enduring a hard boot, something its designed to do when necessary but causing trauma to the system both in the short and long term and to be executed only when all else fails.

Weakness: Strong local E-M field can knock him ‘offline’; sonics can disrupt his cohesion.

A physical coward. Uber-nerd, socially retarded whose ego is easily bruised, prompting erratic behavior. Feels under-appreciated by contemporaries.

As narcissistic as possible without being insane. A modern-day Tesla/Turing without the charm.

HQC forbids him from attacking the unarmed or innocent. He is limited to restrained stage-response defense. Can use deadly force only in self-defense when it will be used against him.

Weapons: An arsenal straight out of H.G. Welles. Matter[atom]-laser ‘ray-guns’; particle energy canons; sonics, optic, and gas bombs; robots; chemical missiles; giant mechanical monstrosities which terriffy the citizenry. i.e. The Centipede.

Bio: Utterly submerged in steampunk culture.

Due to his discovery of Mike Holt's lab, SteamPunk now in possession of Mr. Terrific's tech, which includes advanced holography, anti-grav tech, electronic-stealth, near impenetrable e-m forcefields.


Kicked off MIT staff after misusing grant funds on personal projects.

Returned to Blüd Haven, his adopted hometown. First worked with, then against, The Society as their tech-genius, The SteamPunk. Rescued Jane, his half-sister from their clutches.

In 2011 hacked Jim Gordon’s ghost files, while going through GCPD records, just for the challenge. Discovered Batman’s confidential report on the advanced retro-tech discovered down in Gotham’s Old Town, left over from the World Fair. [See Batman: Arkham City]

Amazed at the level of technical expertise of robotics, sensor tech, etc. Commissioned the Inventor to re-build the robots and construct devices from the old designs incorperated with his improvements.

Owner of Lee Ho Fook Restaurant.

After surviving destruction of Blüd Haven, attempted to partner with Batman who strongly advised him to find another career before he got himself killed or imprisoned. GCPD equally disinterested in his help.

His siter Jane killed during the attack of the Orange Lantern on Stratopia.


Kimo Fook was shot point-blank in the heart by Andrea Beaumont-Blake, killing his physical form. Subsequently, brought back by the HQC as a nanite construct.

SteamPunk In Gaslight GothamEdit

Through its emissary, Micheal Holt, the Quantum Computer rescued Fook's electro-magnetic brain activity just before his death, uploading the pattern into the HQC's files.