Joker sings Only You (with music) - Batman Arkham City

Joker sings Only You (with music) - Batman Arkham City

First appearance, Batman issue #1, Spring 1940


Arguably the most iconic villian in all the Comic Book Universe.

Certainly, the man most able to consistantly fight Batman to a standstill. Indeed, in the Gotham mythos, the Joker and the Batman are the equivilent of Cain and Able. Brothers, locked in a deadly sibling struggle.

Who and What Is The JokerEdit

WARNING: Do not ever, under any circumstances, hand The Joker anything. Not a glass of water, not a pencil. Nothing. Ever.

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Let us begin with what is the Joker.

The Joker is foremost, an agent of Chaos.

He may seem insane but he isn't. He is the personification of the Random Element, the X-Factor. As most people seek order and regularity in their lives, the Joker's universe forms around the Strange Attractor of non-regularity, a life without a foci. Thus, to the run-of-the-mill Human his actions seem insane. What they actually are is the result of a radically different philosophy. An extreme outlook. A tangent evolution.

Criminal, yes. Pathological, certainly.

Insane? No.

And thereby is the rub. The Joker can never be cured because he isn't crazy in the clinical sense.

He dresses in a well-tailored distinctive style.

Now, who is the Joker?

If a man is defined by his actions, then the Joker is a serial mass-murderer, a committed utilizer of weapons of mass destruction, a torturer, thief, domestic abuser, unrepentant career criminal. Charismatic cult-of-personality leader.

Whatever name he might possess in addition to the Joker is unknown. The circumstances of his birth are a mystery. Where he grew up, what childhood friends he might've had, his parents, biological sibling all unknown.

Although there has been speculation, and even misinformation touted as hard biographical fact, like Athena emerging full-grown from Zeus' forehead, the Joker seems to've come into the world whole and complete.

On a deeper level, it is possible that The Joker is a 'liberated one' from Plato's Cave.

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