Tyger Bantu BIOEdit

Bantu, Tyger

sex: Male

born: 1956;

Ht: 6'5"; wt: 255lbs; bald; eyes: black, bass voice, speaks with a trace accent; highly enhanced senses and refelexes

Nationality: Niger, Ethnic Bantu

Occupation: President and Cheif Executive of TYGER Security International. Bestselling author of Super Soldier of the Veldt.

Tyger Bantu an alias, adopted to protect his family from retaliation due to his earlier career as an enhanced assasin for the now defunct African Continental Congress.

At the age of sixteen, Tyger voluntarily entered a covert training program which goal was to produce superior soldiers to combat the criminal government of Afrikaner South African. The training involved complete physicological enhancement, including Human Growth Hormone protocols. The project leader was Hugo Strange.

With the fall of the Afrikaner regime, he published Super Soldier of the Veldt, an in-depth account of his years in ACC black ops. According to his biographical book, Tyger participated in several political assasination and acts of sabotage during his career as a covert operative, never failing in a mission. Much of his account has been verified by declassified South African Security records, KGB, MI5, and CIA files.

He created TYGER Security International in 1993. The security firm is considered a mercenary organization by most countries and has been present in many of the world's hotspots through the late 20th Century and 21st Century, acting as an army-for-hire. Currently, TYGER is involved in the controversial Arkham City Prison Project.

Member of United Nations Security Council's covert organization, Checkmate.

Currently, consolidating a great of post-earthquake Gotham's wealth on Arkham Asylum Island for 'safekeeping'.

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