Jack Knight, the sixth person to take the mantle of Starman, made his debut in the final pages of Zero Hour #0 in 1994.  After his father, Ted Knight retired and his brother David was killed in action, Jack reluctantly became Starman to protect his beloved Opal City.  But what he'd rather do, is just run his antique shop, Times Past.


After losing his mother as a young boy, Jack Knight never really felt close to his father, Ted, or brother, David.  So in growing up, he was a loner most of the time.  Spending his days lost in collectables and history.  Given that his father was the Golden Age Starman, and Jack's love of history, one would think that they would have common ground to talk about, but that was never the case.  Once Ted decided to hang up the green and red suit, David decided to take over the family heratige.  And on his first night out, was killed by Ted's old enemy, the Mist and his two children, his son Kyle, and his daughter, Nash, out for revenge.   As Jack fought against Kyle to save his own life and the life of his father, he killed Kyle in self defense...The Mist and Nash escaping to plot for the future.  Jack then reluctantly agrees to become Starman to protect Opal City.  But without the standard superhero tights.