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Phantom feline

name:Phantom Feline Gender:Male Age:Unknown Size: 3 meters in height (when standing on two legs, 1.5 meters on all fours) - 9' 6' on two legs/ approx 5' on four- (5" long claws, and weighs about 900 lbs)five toes on each paw (front two are much like "hands") w/ 5 claws on each Race: Meta human/feline hybrid

  • Powers/Abilities/Skills:transdimentional travel, can walk through walls

(so long as they are made of stone,brick,wood, a type of metal or other "natural substance" but reqires his full consentraition to do it, same for transdimentional travel, it reqires his full attention to do it)

  • Can run at twice cheatah speed and is as strong as Minotaur....Highly agile as is any cat, and is very strong and can use his claws to great effect His senses are as good as any known cat, even when he's in "human form". Though he appears to be 'just a normal cat' , He is not a 'normal' cat, he's highly inteligent and is not easlly suprised and can become insubstancial in and instant, making it very hard to harm him.
  • Vision: Infra Red,Ultra Violet,Spectrographic and Thermo-Graphic and "normal" type vision

can morph into a 6' human male for short periods of time, and can speak human language and can talk to any cat

  • Gravity Manipulation: Usually walks around on walls,ceilings.
  • High Level Magic abillity,( was taught magic by Merlin himself as a kitten)

Carries and bag of infinite cappasity that he can pull almost any thing out of.(with in reason)

  • Claws are magicly inhansed and can cut through 8" of armor plate at a swipe

Weaknesses:his magic has it's limits, he can only use spell if he has time to say the words ahead of time. he has the usual cat problems (ie. hair balls, and an aversion to dogs) *with the exception of fleas* and has a drinking problem,so some of his spells back fire and do other than what he wanted and is easily distracked by a lazer pointer. Must be in physical contact w/ a surface to walk up walls/ceilings, and can be knocked lose if distracted,....

Bio: a product of a alchemic experament, he started out as a "normal cat" and do to mistakes made by the scientists, he grew oversize and aquired 'human inteligence'. Was a pet for a time of Merlin, and that is where he got "the bag" of tricks he carries w/ him at all times. he can be a great friend and a mischievious one at that, he can also be a big pain in the butt if he wants to be