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When death comes for you, will you meet him on your feet, or groveling on your knees like a dog....

Personal HistoryEdit

Overwatch was genetically created to be the perfect warrior, no emotions, no regret. An unstoppable killing force that didn't take prisoners, nor left a dying enemy on the battle field. This was in response to the invasion of earth in the late 24th century. Overwatch had combat training and absorbed information at an astounding rate, moving on to the complex training of being a recon scout/sniper. Becoming a veteran of over 200 engagements and battles, they sent him back to the lab, proving the prototype was far more than their expectations, they began to copy him. Though the life span of the clones was very short, 2-3 years at most, they began the centurion project, mass producing an army to fight back, eventually driving the aliens off earth. Loading one of the largest military ships ever created, they plotted a course that would take 10,000 centurions to the alien home world, and sanitize ever living being there. During the start up of the slip space travel engine, a black hole too close to the destination began ripping the ship into atoms, a malfunction and explosion sent Overwatche's Cryopod out into space, orbiting earth, though the year was 1888. Slipping around the earth in a degrading orbit, 20 years go past before the entrance of Overwatch in 1908, his cryopod ejecting him shortly before air bursting over a remote location in Russia, creating the tunguska event.

Character BioEdit

Big O has employed his skills as a mercenary for private parties, companies and governments since 1908. Always charging top dollar for his skills and knowledge regardless of who he works for, and always hand picking the jobs he will do. Investing his money through the years, quietly amassing a large fortune, always eager to make more when ever possible. Most recently he joined batman under a one year contract to curb his less than moral treatment of criminals in Gotham and Arkham, as well as to assist batman and his team of crime fighters when called upon.

All through history Big O has been working in the back ground with pioneers of innovation and technology. Quietly guiding and nudging the scientists and engineers along the way, making sure they stay focused and offering bits of helpful advise where necessary. During his many travels Big O has always kept a very low profile to stay off everyone's radar and out of governmental files. It pays t meet the men quietly in charge of government information gathering services, and making sure they owe Big O a lot of favors. That is one reason the Big O has not been on file anywhere in the world, of if he is there is a blank file holding only a name and a 26 digit account number. Checkmate has shown the most recent interest in gathering as much information about Big O as possible, and still coming up against a wall of red tape as well as on the ground information gathering lackeys going out and never being seen nor heard from again.

Over the years Big O has had the privilege to train with many martial arts masters, everything from the Buddhist monks to the Ninjitsu of Japan. Big O has mastered many martial art forms, focusing more time than not on a odd combination of judo and Nguni stick fighting. Along with the martial training Big O as read tens of thousands of books on a wide array of topics, one of his prized possessions is a rare copy of Sun Tsu's art of war, presented as a gift after a long term of service. Big O can fluently speak and is literate in currently 11 languages, all of which he has learned to speak with a proper accent for the major populace of that language. Big O is well versed in medical training to enhance his total understanding of the body, knowing where to strike to cause the most pain or even paralysis, making him a more efficient killer.

Physical InformationEdit

Overwatch is 9 feet tall, and weighs around 450lbs, without his armor. His body burns calories about 3 times faster than normal humans, thus his food intake is 3 times as high. He is very warm to the touch, always seeming like he is on the verge of a fever. During his time studying martial arts he can use chi healing on others with the help of his nanites, only if the person is calm and breathing slowly. As he using this healing, the injury is slowly transferred to Big O in a way so the nanites can repair his body. This transfer causes a lot of stress and heat, making Big O's hands almost hot enough to burn, and it taxes his entire body, leaving him weak, tired and very hungry. Resting for 8 to 16 hours is not uncommon after a session, depending on the wound healed. After saving a child's life after a mortar shell landed too close, Big O was in a coma for 2 weeks.

Due to the natural regeneration, along with the nanites in Big O's system he always seems to be 30 years old. Though the truth is far from that, Overwatch is somewhere around 840 years old. Stuck in a time loop, having to repeat the same length of time over and over always starting with the ship getting torn apart as it enters slip space fartoo close to a black hole. The time loop ends once O is put into cryo sleep to be cloned and his memory of his specific events over the years on earth are erased from his memory. This is more of a kindness due to how his time ends on earth, holding Dr Tasha Taggart in his arms as she is transferring her mind into the AI program S.I.R.I. and he holds her in his arms as she looks into his eyes one last time and fades away. S.I.R.I. erasing this moment and keeping it hidden from O each time he travels back in time.