Dr. Michael Holt a.k.a Mister Terrific Edit



Male; Height: 6’2; Weight: 215 lbs Eyes: Brown; Hair: Black

Nationality: Native Born American

Marital Status: Widower

Education: Fourteen PH.D’s and various Master degrees, including Physics, Law, Psychology, Mathematics, and Medicine

Occupations: Former CEO of Cyberwear, a subsidary of Waynetech. Current CEO of Holt Industries. Operative of the United Nation's Security Council's black ops organization, Checkmate. Superhero.

Skills and Abilities: Millionaire; Genius level polymath; Olympiad Gold Medaliist in Decathelon; Black-belt expert in six different Martial Artist Disciplines. A multi-linguist.

Powers: Acknowledged as the 3rd Smartest Man Alive. He has been described as having a natural ability for natural abilities.

'Everyone has a talent, mine is learning.'

Nano-technology in his black T-shaped face mask and costume grant total-electronic stealth ability along with a variety of sensory, communication and database retrieval functions. Both mask and costume can to 'removed' instantaneously. Mask serves as a face-protector.

Equipment: T-Spheres which multi-task as verbal and mentally controlled super-computers, holographic projection units, projectile weapons, and provide flight abilities by bearing his weight. Has sole access to Protocol 11. P-11, known only to Holt, is the activation of the total destruction of the Wonder/Watch Tower.

Associations: Lover of Kara Zor-L nee Karen Starr/PowerGirl, Justice League Unlimited member, frienmy of Batman, and business associate of Lucius Fox and Bruce Wayne.

Dr. Holt is the second man to serve under the title of Mister Terrific.


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