Michael Akins 001

First Appearance Batman: Turning Points #5 January 2001

Character created by Greg Rucka


A career law enforcement officer, first in California, then as Gotham City Police Chief, Akins was promoted to Police Commissioner, succeeding James Gordon.

He is married to Garcelle Akins.

An effective, anti-corruption hands-on leader. Akins was resented by good old-boy network of Gotham cops who labeled him a politician rather than a cop's cop, which in Gotham means a cop on the take.

He was also virulently anti-vigilente and had the Bat Signal taken down from GCPD HQ. He declared all vigilentes outlaw in the City.

Akins' tenure as Commissioner would end mysteriously.

The character has appeared in 79 issues to date.

Although there is some fan conjecture that he was tainted by the corruption of the department, such speculation does not appear in DC canon and is mere wishful, and culturally telling, fanboy fantasy.

In actuality, Gordon was far too much of an iconic Gotham figure to forever be removed from the scene. Gordon was brought back as a fan favorite and Akins was cast aside with only a stonewall of silence from DC Publications as to his circumstances or whereabouts.

ACL CanonEdit

Michael Akins is currently a NPC character.

After James Gordon is severely wounded, by sniper Eddie Blake under contract from Slim Spectre, Akins is appointed Police Commissioner. He finds himself having to put his GCPD house in order in the midst of a city-wide mob war between the Black Mask and fast-mover newcomer crime lord Slim 'CryBaby' Spectre.