Jokey, Andrea's Beloved Dog. Eddie only *thinks* she's his.

NPC Pitbull, Owned by Eddie and Andrea Blake

JOKE aka JokeyEdit

She's a soild white pit bull puppy that Eddie Blake found all alone during a raid he and his crew went on. He brought the pup home and placed her in Andrea's lap as a sort of "peace offering". It's only apology Andrea would ever get from Eddie. Jokey was a "I'm sorry I raped you the night before, so here's this dog I found" kind of thing. To Eddie's absolute horror, Andrea fell head over heels in love with the dog, taking her for regular visits to the doggy spa, having her nails painted, parading her around with a rhinestone collar, hot pink painted nails (she picks out ALL of the nail colors and things herself, by pointing her nose at them), and wearing her famous crown just like mommy!  She's quite lazy, as now that Andrea is expecting and spending more time at home, Jokey is enjoying naps in bed with mommy, treats from the nightstand drawer on demand, and extended belly rubs. 

A good smelling dog is a happy dog! Doggy perfume is a must! But Andie always keeps it hidden from Eddie, because she knows he'd go through the roof if he saw that, along with the new outfits that Jokey picks out. They're hidden in Andie's *special* hiding place in the closet. This is one dog who truly lives the high life! 

When not spending time with mommy, she's the hit of the Underground Redoubt and the Official Mascot of Blake's Devil Dog Squad. It seems as if they've always got steak, and she comes back with a bulging, full belly!

If Eddie Blake is disgusted with his wife's fru-fruence of the poor pup, and he is, Andrea is equally horrified at the prospect of Joke as a kelvar-vested al Ghul-type Zombie hunter.

This dog doesn't know when to stop, or the meaning of full! Spoiled is an understatement! 


Yes, Jokey has weaknesses. 

  • Belly Rubs
  • Doggy Treats
  • Visits To The Doggy Spa
  • Naps With Mommy
  • Being Fed By The Squad (They ALWAYS Have Steak!)
  • Steak