The Haven of Hope is a "non-profit" charity run by Gotham's own Andrea Beaumont-Blake. After the brutal murder of Andrea's father, she returned to Gotham and decided to "help" others who found themselves in the same position as her. The Haven of Hope is dedicated to victims of violent crime and/or the family members of victims. 

Andrea, being the charismatic chameleon she is, she's able to easily blend in with any situation, and cry her way through every press conference, bringing more and more money into the charity. 

Although, just like EVERYTHING else in Gotham, nothing is as it seems. The charity is nothing but a front. Sure, *some* of the money is going to help those in need, but a large chunk is going to help Gotham's number one, and that's Andrea. She's been launderng the money through her chosen "banker" none other than Mister J, The Joker, himself. Alma VanTassel funnels funds into the chairty each month from the University as well. 

Apaita is Andrea's loyal assistant and helps her with various duties around the office, as well as keeping her true motives under wraps.