Gotham by Gaslight (Video Game) Prototype Footage

Gotham by Gaslight (Video Game) Prototype Footage


ACL's Gaslight Gotham is inspired by DC's Elseworlds comic series, the two-issue, Gotham by Gaslight.

Gotham by Gaslight First Appearance, February 1989


Is a generated reality of Micheal Holt's Quantum Computer.

The simulation depicts Gotham as it was physically in the 1880's. Input from participants within the simulation shape the reality.


Micheal Holt's invention, the Quantum Computer, was completed before the superhero's death.

After a lenghty diagnotics check, the QC came online and downloaded the bio electro-magnetic brain signatures of Kimo Fook and Cyborg.

Both contested for what they were lead to believe was mastery of the the computer. Kimo Fook won control, sharing some knowledge with Cyborg, but assuming kingship over the Quantum's reality.

After a series of tortures and humiliation scenerios, the QC began to turn against Fook's designs. With the SteamPunk's kidnapping of Andrea Beaumont and Edward Blake, it took action and sent its marshall, James Starr-Holt as its go-between. A temmporary alliance was struck.

Fook was killed in the Prime Reality by Ms. Beaumont.

Within the QC the SteamPunk awaits trial.

To Be Continued...