Apatia headshot

"I can make that...the roof isn't that far away...I think...oh well, only one way to find out."


Janet’s parents were very devoted and were known for being very giving, regularly working in the soup kitchen on thanksgiving and Christmas eve. Her childhood was just like any other until her seventh birthday comes up. In preparation for the party, her father left to go buy ice cream, and Janet was with her mother baking her birthday cake. The cake just finished baking when all of a sudden, the front door crashed open, and they hear some really loud guys laughing and breaking things in the living room. Her mother grabbed  Janet, and shoved her into the cupboard. She told Janet to hide in there until she came back for her and then closed the door. Then she ran out of the kitchen and confronted the criminals. Janet cowers in the closet as she listens to her mother plead with them to leave and hears them gun her down. 

In her terror, Janet backs further into the cupboard and all the cans and boxes fell onto her. The criminals hear the noise and start walking into the kitchen. Just as they start poking around in the room to find the source of the noise, her father walks into the house. Seeing his dead wife, he drops the groceries and screams, alerting the criminals of his presence. They leave the kitchen and the gunman points his weapon at him. Her father tries to get them to let him live but it doesn't work. She hears him scream, and then a second gunshot. The men in the house went back to what they were doing, like nothing had happened. Janet remained in the closet, still buried by everything, too scared to move. It was a long time before they left, leaving her the only one alive in the house. She crawled out of the closet to called the police, and then walked into the living room to sit with her dead parents, waiting...hoping that they would spring up and tell her everything was just some sick joke, but when the police got there, they pronounced them dead at the scene.

From this point on, Janet is bounced around foster care for years. Each home makes her feel less and less wanted as she comes to the realization that she is never going to be adopted. When she enters her teen years, she becomes more of a recluse, spending most of her time playing her guitar and teaching herself parkour. When jumping from various heights, making them increasingly more dangerous as she improves, she felt free…free to be herself without fear of being judged. All through high school, Janet kept her head down and just dealt with being teased by her peers. She learns quickly how to con those around her into believing everything she says, working her way in with the administration and graduating with flying colors. Once she graduates from high school, she leaves the latest foster home she has been dumped in and tries to get into a college that is as far away as she can possibly get. Janet moves to Gotham and tries to get into the university. With high hopes, she stays in the city, struggling to find stable work that she could live on. She quickly discovers work is hard to come by and what little cash she has quickly runs out. With no income, she isn’t able to keep a roof over her head and her dream of finishing her education comes to a bitter end.

For the next few years, she has been homeless. Depression settling in as she accepts that she cannot afford to go to college, nor find a stable job. Janet found that her only solace was when she would (weekly) sneak into the zoo to visit her favorite exhibit...the aviary. She loved to look at all the different exotic birds. Desperate for money, she became a street performer, playing the guitar or drawing portraits for change. One day she was attacked by a few thugs, and lost all of her money (only $20). Frantic to keep what little money she had, she fought back. Unfortunately the only thing she got was a bloody nose and a black eye. When she asked for help from the police she got laughed out of the station. From that day on she decided that she was tired of being shit on by the city. It was time for her to return the favor. She decided that the name Apatia is the best choice. She wanted her name to be a reference to apathy, which only seemed fitting.  Janet’s first few attempts at theft were major flops, however she quickly becomes associated with Phobia, Bane, Two Face and Andrea Beaumont. While working with Phobia, she quickly becomes more skilled and her stealth dramatically improves. After a few heists, Phobia allows her to stay in Penguin’s abandoned aviary. This thrills Janet and she thrives quickly while being surrounded by her new feathered family. Now feeling more confident, Janet tries her hand at con work, eventually becoming Andrea’s assistant. While working with her, Janet becomes close to Andrea, forming a relationship that has been the closest thing to having a sister she has ever had. She is the happiest she has ever been, now having a family to replace the one she has lost. 

When she hears of Harley Quinn’s wedding, Janet can’t resist trying to get her hot little hands on the goodies that could be found there. To her dismay, she misses the whole thing due to there being a unscheduled interruption. Frustrated by this, she goes to the Bonita Diner to sulk about her loss. This is where she meets Beast Boy, outside of costume. She recognizes him as one of the hero’s that have tried to stop her, but thanks to her mask, he doesn’t recognize her. After he uses a few cheesy pick up lines, she falls for his charm and decides to go on a few dates with him. With no intention of going out with him more than a few times, Janet shocks herself by actually wanting to spend more time with him. Each date makes it harder for her to break it off, and things become more complicated as she struggles to keep her occupation a secret from him. Things begin to spiral out of control when Penguin wakes up from his coma and has his men beat her senseless for living in his aviary before dumping her in front of the hospital. She struggles to cover up the truth behind the attack, telling Beast Boy that it was a mugging gone wrong. Things only get worse as her two lives begin to blend into one. Beast Boy has become more persistent in his pursuit to arrest her and her relationship with him has become nearly impossible to hide from the people she works with. All hell breaks lose when Two Face finds out about her emotional connection with Beat Boy. Enraged by the betrayal, he tricks her into coming to his office and interrogates her, forcing her to fess up. As soon as she admits the truth, he allows his men to rape her while he prepares to torture her. Janet is quickly stuffed into a wooden box and made to lay in her small, dark prison over night. Paralyzing terror settles in for her as her claustrophobia takes hold.  

The next day is filled with torture, sending Janet into her old habit of mentally retreating from the fear and pain. She accepts that she is going to die, not even bothering to resist the second rape. While being raped, Beast Boy calls her to go on another date and is shocked to hear Two Face answer. Two Face forces Beast Boy to listen to her get raped, sending Beast Boy into a blind rage. He gets to Two Face’s hideout and slaughters all of his men, rescuing Janet from her rape. He takes her to the East Refinery Batcave to recover. Beast Boy gets her to admit to what she has been doing and they fight about her occupation choice. He tries to force her to quit but Janet can’t do it, to afraid to lose the only “family” she has. They break up and Janet leaves as soon as she is healed up enough to walk. The two of them run into each other at that park a few nights later and they fight again. As Beast Boy storms off Janet gets his attention by breaking the window to a jewelry store, simply to tell him she still has feelings for him. Not wanting her to get caught, he shoos her away and allows himself to be arrested. Janet spends the next few weeks, feeling horribly ill and unusually emotional. At first, she chalks it up to the break up, but she slowly realizes that something is off. Janet discovers that she is pregnant and panics, leaving Andrea a message informing her that she is leaving the country and tries to break in to the Wayne Manor to leave a note for Beast Boy.

However, she is caught by Batgirl and forced to face him when she sees the note. As soon as Beast Boy finds out about the pregnancy, he insists on her staying and promises to be there for their child. Soon after, the two of them go to the country side to spend most of the pregnancy in relaxation. While there, they get engaged and begin planning the wedding. Before the wedding, Janet meets the Doom Patrol and it flops. She admits to them what she is and they are all horrified by Beast Boy’s choice in women. Determined to make a good impression, Janet swears that she is no longer a thief and promises to prove her worth. Hesitant, they accept this and agree to go to the wedding to support Beast Boy. Weeks before the wedding, Janet has a moment of weakness and goes out to “earn” a little extra spending money. She starts out conning people into giving her money, parading herself as a homeless pregnant woman, but decides to end her night by breaking into a jewelry store and robbing them blind. Janet almost gets away with it but is quickly stopped by Artemis. Artemis reminds her of everything she is sacrificing and Janet abandons her loot at the scene of the crime. 

Beast Boy and Janet’s wedding goes without incident, the happy couple leaving for a week long cruise to escape the chaos of Gotham. When they return their happiness is short lived. Janet wants to continue to be active, to use her talents that she has acquired while being a thief. Beast Boy resists, remembering what she looked like when he rescued her from Two Face. He argues that it will happen again and the two of them going into a heated argument. Janet is surprised by Phobia, Damaged, Scarecrow, and Andrea when they “kidnap” her to throw a baby shower. Ecstatic, she embraces the affection that her “family of fear” show her. They make her promise to never double cross them and she agrees, but reminds them that Beast Boy is not going to change his mind about her criminal ways. She returns to the tower and is forced to deal with the same argument that two of them have had time and time again.

When the argument comes up again when she is eight months pregnant, becoming a shouting match. Her anger and frustration that has been built up from their constant fighting becomes to much for her body to handle, sending her into early labor. Janet is rushed to the hospital where she delivers their baby boy, Enzo.  Once she is released from the hospital, Janet and Beast Boy spend the next few months with their son. When Enzo is a few months old, Janet persuades Beast Boy to let her spy on Stratopia as a way to get her feet wet in the hero business. Beast Boy is hesitant but agrees, just to stop her from going back to her old ways. SteamPunk is killed before Janet has a chance to spy on him, but she continues to pester Beast Boy into letting her do something with her skills. Janet begins to make changes to her costume as a way to show that she is starting over.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Janet is a skilled parkour and free runner, specializes in creating explosives and McGyvering unusual weapons out of what ever she can get her hands on, an example of this are her green smiley face sticker bombs. However, Janet’s major down falls are her short attention span, poor skills with firearms, and her crippling claustrophobic. Janet is known to be reckless and jump into action without thinking about the consequences first.

Janet's costume is charcoal gray with green markings that start on her hood and go down her thighs. She wears thick leather gloves, boots and waist cincher. Attached to her waist cincher is a dagger, there is a compartment that conceals her sticker bombs and detonator. Janet wears a mask beneath the hood to further conceal her identity. 

Family tiesEdit

Husband: Garfield Logan aka Beast Boy

Son: Enzo Logan

Family of Fear: Phobia, Scarecrow, Damaged, and Andrea Beaumont