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The social queen of Gotham City. Living a double is nothing new for this beauty. The brighter the smile, the bigger the lie. It's all about me. What can I get, who can I screw over, and how can YOU make my life better? If you can't, I have no use for you. That's Andrea in a nutshell. Raised by parents who expected nothing less than the best from her, always pushing her to achieve, achieve, achieve, she was a huge disappointment when she became pregnant at age 16 by one of the only men she ever loved. No self-respecting Beaumont would EVER be caught giving birth out of wedlock, and per her father, that was "taken care of" quite quickly, so that she could go on to capture the title of Miss Gotham 1996. It's something she never got over. 

Years later, "Daddy Dearest" paid for all of the things he pushed Andrea to do, and the lifestyle he exposed her to. He only *thought* he was the highest of rollers. Andrea showed him when she had the Joker kill him in the most brutal of fashions. Andrea, being a Beaumont through a through, having turned cold from one failed relationship after another, the biggest being that with Gotham's own playboy billionaire, Bruce Wayne, she decided it was time she was in the spotlight. 


Jokey, Andrea's Beloved Dog. Eddie only *thinks* she's his.

Coming back to Gotham, she began to cry and express how devastated she was about he father's brutal, unsolved murder, and to help others in her position, she was opening a charity, Haven of Hope, to help victims of brutal crimes, and their familes to get the help they need, and get back on their feet. Of course, Andrea's charity is nothing more than a front, it was simply a way to launder money, to get her what she wanted, when she wanted it. Taking various lovers, getting off on danger-- it couldn't get rough enough for her. She went from Bane to the Joker. Absolutely out of control, and never happy unless there was a knife against her neck, Andrea was always covering up bruises from her sexicapades with these rough men. It wasn't until she one evening at the Warrior Bar that her world was turned upside down. She met her match when Eddie Blake walked through the door. Things would never be the same.    Andrea never imagined she'd meet a man she couldn't pull a con on, manipulate, or at least buy 


Andrea and Eddie During "Happier Times..."

off, but when she met Eddie Blake, he pissed her off, turned her on, and changed her in ways she couldn't imagine. Through the fights, kidnappings due to the self-righteous Kimo Fook, and everything in between, Andrea found herself in a place she wasn't used to being in- in love. Pulling an extremely shady stunt with the help of James Holt, she became the wife of Eddie Blake. Will being a wife and a mother put Andrea on the straight and narrow, or will it only make her think she can truly get anything she wants?

Addictions of ChoiceEdit

Cigarettes- Menthol ONLY

Wine- Pink Moscato, Sangria, White Zinfandel




Founder of Haven of Hope Charity. Helping the victims and survivors/family of survivors of violent crimes in Gotham. Taking funds that are filtered there by Alma VanTassel and others and laundered by the Joker. 

Co-Owner of Bella La Beaumont Cosmetics with Pamela Isley. 


Little Eddie-- The pride and joy of Eddie Sr. and Andrea Beaumont-Blake

Family AssociationsEdit

The Family of Fear. Andrea's chance meeting with Alma VanTassel at the Bonita Diner one evening turned into more than a great friendship, but one of a forever family. The bonds of a family chosen are stronger than blood ever could be. 

"The Family That Kills Together, Stays Together"

Family of Fear Members:

Dr. Alma VanTassel- Phobia


Dr. Jonathan Crain- Scarecrow

Andrea Beaumont-Blake- Phantasm



Once you are in the family, you never leave the family.  Well, why would you want to? Alma makes the best cakes and pies EVER! Plus, family dinners are the best. If someone is out of hand, apathy toxin is only a blast away!  This is one family who's bad side you NEVER want to be on. Be warned. 

"I'm off the phone now- what kind of evil can I help you with?"-- Dr. Alma VanTassel

Known Love InterestsEdit

Bruce Wayne


The Joker- AKA: J

Eddie Blake